One in a Million

Building the Future, One Dollar at a Time: Help us reach one million dollars to fund private Christian education for our children.

One in a Million Campaign (#6)
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Good Soil Good Seed Foundation
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Imagine if each year of a child’s K-12 education, one million people donated just $1 to help rescue our children from the issues in our public schools! Together, we would be able to help almost one thousand children receive a Godly education, and we would be able to add close to five hundred biblically based schools.

Please become a One-In-A-Million Donor today. Do not wait to donate as our children must be helped NOW!!

Public Schools Today

What the Current System Looks Like


Christian Student Have Materialistic Worldview

US World Ranking in Science


Drop Out Rate

With Your Donation

You Are Choosing Christian Education

A mindset of facts and figures without compassion?

A heart of wisdom and understanding that builds success in life?

Methods that create boredom and apathy because of rote learning?

Methods that encourage natural curiosity and a love for learning?

Education that replaces faith with relativism?

Education based on the truth of God’s Word?

Education that inculcates conformity and dependence solely based on testing results?

Education that forms thinking and reasoning while conveying information and skills?

Schooling that only acknowledges current cultural trends as the basis of personal perspective?

Schooling that forms a Biblical worldview in the light of current cultural trends?